Langsung ke konten utama


by: Cindy.

I wake up, wishing all the pain were left behind.
I don't know since when my dreams are better then my reality.
I'm afraid to fall, I'm afraid to be hurted.

I close my eyes, hoping all the sickness will disappear.
I don't know since when our memories are linger in my mind.
I'm afraid to love, I'm afraid to trust. 

It's really hard to convince my mind that I can move on.
Persuade myself to face the world all alone.
So when I can live without you, please don't come back at all.
'Cause I don't want to be your playground. 

It's enough, I'm tired of being played by you.
It's enough, stop wounding me all along.
It's enough, how dare you always keep me down?

NB: Sebenarnya, aku ingin membuat sebuah lagu dari puisi yang kutulis di atas, tapi lagi nggak ada ide, nih. Anyone? :)