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Menampilkan postingan dari Mei, 2017

Random Talk: Secret Revealed!

Dear readers, I will tell you a story.
Long time ago, someone abused me. Someone whom I would never expect to hurt me, someone whom I believed to. (Well, maybe it is just fool of me, believing someone too much, when nobody may be deserved it. Because even our own shadow leaves us in the darkness. Haha.)
I thought it was good to not let anybody knew about the abusing at that time. Wrong desicion, I know. If only I told someone before.
After the abusing has stopped, and I was able to survived from it, I just realised that the problem has just begun. I tried so hard to recover, heal myself, but it was not easy. It seemed like my mind developed a kind of traumatic feelings toward the experience, and it was bring me down.
Time passed, and I finally decided to tell someone about it, because I felt like I couldn't help myself. Well, I have to tell you that there are may be some persons who are not able to listen to your problems. For example, I have been laughed at, because he thought t…